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The Photovoltaic Solar Park of the Douala International Airport Inaugurated.

The ceremony was presided by the Minister of Transport Mr. NGALLE BIBEHE Ernest Massena, took place on January 10th , 2019 in Douala International Airport  in the presence of the representatives of ICAO and the EU.

The construction of this solar park is the result of the work done by all actors in the aviation sector, such as Aeroports du Cameroun, and the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority in the development and voluntary submission by Cameroon of a carbon reduction action plan within the required timeframe. This project is the result, from the five-year joint collaboration project of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Union (EU), will contribute significantly to the fight against CO2 emissions.

               According to Aeroports Du Cameroun General Manager, Thomas Owona Assoumou, this project will demonstrate that it is in fact possible to use solar energy to power up the airport equipment. Similar projects are yet to take place at the Garoua International airport; also certain measures are being taken in order to protect our environments.                    

               The Representative of the European Union Mr. Steven RAULT expressed his wish for Cameroon to continue developing and sustaining the de-carbonization efforts of international aviation. He also stated that, the solar farm is fully funded by ICAO and the European Union Project, the airport equipment was purchased by Aeroports Du Cameroun. Hence, up to 14 flights will be served per day, totaling more than five thousands flights per year.

               According to the representative of ICAO Mrs. Jane Hupe, the solar park will reduce at least 2600 tons of CO2 each year, while supplying the Douala International airport with renewable energy, capable of supplying 10,000 homes of energy. Regardless of the air traffic growth in 2020, the environment will be protected.  

               Through this realization, the Douala International airport becomes the third airport in Africa, with that of George in South Africa and Mombassa in Kenya, to have effectively implemented a solar energy solution which largely contributes to reduce the footprint carbon.