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New year wishes at the Ministry of Transport.

The traditional ceremony of the presentation of New Year wishes to the Minister of Transport, on January 25th, 2019 was an opportunity for MINT to encourage the efforts observed during the year 2018 in the large family of transport, including ADC SA.

Many representatives of the large Transport family took some time off, to gather at the Ministry's esplanade to wish a Happy New Year to Minister of Transport NGALLE BIBEHE Jean Ernest Massena and Minister Delegate NJOYA Zakariaou.  It was also an opportunity to take a look at what was done the past year, and set the course for the starting year.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport Jean Pierre Soh, detailed the activities of the year 2018.

During his speech, the Minister of Transport NGALLE BIBEHE congratulated the work undertaken by Aeroports du Cameroon, and most importantly the new photovoltaic park recently inaugurated. However, the Minister of Transport acknowledged that there’s still work that needed to get done in the different airports.