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The Director General visits the Hydro Centres, alongside two Experts from Turkey

 July 08, 2019, the Director General of the Cameroon Airports Ltd, (ADC S.A) was pleased to receive two experts from South East Aviation Company Turkey, Mr Kamil Erkal and Mr Serkan Ipek. They were invited by the company to carry out a study and provide possible solutions in both the Hydro Electricity and Water Centers.

The Director General and the experts visited the field. During their visit, at the Hydro-Water Centre, Mr Serkan ran a series of experiments with the water that is supplied to the entire Yaounde-Nsimalem International Airport and even in the planes. Mr. Serkan explained later on that the acidic quantity and quality are good but there is need for maintenance in the centre.

ADC S.A looks forward, in the nearest future, working with the South East Aviation Company said the Director Manager of ADC S.A.